Why you Should Visit Perhentian Island

Despite all changes, these two islands on the East Coast of Malaysia are a unique place. Beaches with transparent waters and white sand surrounded by lush jungle. A relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. And spectacular seabed.

Also, the best of all is the facility to access most of the beaches. You are walking, either along the shore or through the jungle. Kayak. Or I am hiring a water taxi to spend a great morning for a few ringgits. On some beaches, you can be alone.

So today I take you to tour the Perhentian Islands, a tour of the beaches of the two islands.


On the Big Island, Perhentian Besar, are, in my opinion, the best beaches of the Perhentian Islands. Also, there are usually many fewer people, because most tourists stay on the other island.

  1. Turtle Beach

This, without a doubt, is my favorite Perhentian Beach. I still remember the first time I was there. I wept with gratitude to the world for allowing me to enjoy such a beautiful place. On later occasions, the surprise was not the same, but the thrill of going back there invaded me in the same way, making me feel absolutely happy.

On this beach, we will find water so beautiful that it seems unreal and fine sand-like flour — absolutely heavenly place.

The beach is protected because it is a place where turtles are going to spawn, so there are marked schedules to be there.

  1. Coral View Beach

Personally, I don’t like it at all, it has quite a lot of dead coral and when the tide is low, all the rocks and corals pop up and it becomes difficult to get into the water. Although it is very close to the area where turtles can be found swimming. And it’s a walk to the Old Beach. In fact, the part of the beach next to the pier of the Peruvian Island Resort is a little better than the part of the beach it shares with Mama’s Beach.

  1. Beach, Tuna Bay

In the North, we find the beach that goes from The New Coconut Chalet to the ABC and The Seahorse. When I was the first time, Coconut’s little play was small but beautiful. The last two times with new construction, the beach came to nothing.

Further to the center of the Bay we find the hotel of the same name, the Tuna Bay Resort, one of the most luxurious on the island (always bearing in mind that luxuries on the islands only mean hot water and air conditioning), with a beach that is not bad and some snorkeling right there, although there are always quite a few people from the hotel.

The best part of the beach, in my opinion, is south of the Bay, where Abdul’s Chalets is, some charming cabins where I have stayed once.


On the small island, Perhentian Kecil, almost all of the beaches are accessible on foot, except those that are further north. There are usually more people, but it is also possible to find beaches were to be alone.

  1. Long beach

This is the main beach of Perhentian Kecil. Every time I go to this beach, I imagine what it would be like the first time the first tourists came to it. The beach is frankly beautiful, but it is so full of resorts, beach bars, parasols, backpackers swarming looking for accommodation and tourists up and down that it takes away all the charm. I have seen it change quite myself, from the first time I went to the last, with the opening of new establishments and many more people as the years have passed.

  1. Coral Bay beach

For a little walk through the jungle from Long Beach that have actually cobbled (the first time I was a pure and hard way) you can reach Coral Bay. I have also seen this beach evolve with new establishments over the years. There are also plenty of people staying because it’s cheaper than in Long Beach and also quieter. I personally don’t like it even though there’s snorkel on the same beach. They say the sunsets are very nice here, although I have never experienced them in the first person.

Tour of beaches from Coral Bay to the fishing village

From the end of Coral Bay beach there is a jungle trail that takes you about an hour (depending on the stops you make) to the fishing village, passing by very beautiful beaches, some of them Virgin and where you will be all alone or alone. The Walk is nice although it has some slopes up and down and some fallen logs that it touches to border. And the wet heat is a little infernal, so it carries water. You’ll probably find Varennes that can vary in size, colorful butterflies and some insect. Try insect repellent if you itch the mosquito as me.