When to go on Vacation

When to Go to the Perhentian Islands

Because of the monsoons that usually hit the area, you will wonder when to go to the Perhentian Islands. The best time to travel is undoubtedly between April to October, as in theory, the weather is drier, although this does not mean that you will catch any more storm or cloudy and rainy day.

Between November and March, when the monsoon makes its appearance and most of the accommodations of the Perhentian Islands close due to bad weather. By that time, the west coast of Malaysia is better.

Tips for Travelling to the Perhentian Islands

  • The wifi is almost nonexistent in the Perhentian Islands, in the few establishments that there works very regular.
  • Whenever you travel, especially to these countries, you need to have suitable travel insurance. By being a reader of “The Travels of the Domi,” using the code LOSVIAJESDEDOMI, you will have a 20% discount on the hiring of one of the best travel insurance with the technical secretariat.
  • Travel insurance. In the Perhentian Islands, there are no cashiers, so you should carry cash. We pulled out of one of hay’s two cashiers at Khota Bharu airport.
  • In most establishments in the Perhentian Islands, you will not be able to pay with cards.
  • Bank or Islam and May Bank are the ones that charge the least fees for the use of foreign cards.
  • There is only one clinic on all the Perhentian Islands, and it is in Kecil village, the small town of Kecil, where local people live.
  • When bathing, you should be careful with the water taxi and the different boats.
  • Carry mosquito repellent as there are many in the Perhentian Islands.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • In the Perhentian Islands, there are few establishments where they serve alcohol, especially in kissing.
  • Malaysia is a Muslim country, and its beliefs must be respected. Topless is forbidden.
  • Three-pin adapters are needed in the Perhentian Islands. The electrical voltage is 240 V, 50 Hz.
  • Do not bring valuables to the beach as some locals are very fond of other people.
  • Remember to book the room in advance.

What Perhentian Island to choose, Besar or Kecil?

When you travel to this paradisiacal place, you will be in doubt as to which of the two Perhentian Islands to choose, Kecil the smallest or kiss the largest.

Although in the two islands everything is almost virgin and wild, there are no roads and electricity (it is based on generators), Kecil is indeed something more civilized. In it you will find a small town, a lot of backpackers as the accommodations are cheaper, diving schools, more restaurants, and more party, especially in Long Beach. Although the western part of Kecil, Coral Bay, is quieter than Long Beach and you will even find isolated resorts.

In Perhentian Besar there are fewer options, it is much quieter, there is less tourism, here are the most expensive hotels (although you know that Asian prices have nothing to do with Europeans for example), and for my taste the best beaches. It is an island mostly frequented by families, couples, and people looking for relaxation.

However, traveling between the Perhentian Islands is very easy with the water taxi, so if you stay in one, you can easily visit the other.

How to move around the Perhentian Islands?

As I have indicated, this is an almost wild place, so there are no infrastructures, only paths that cross and border the islands. To go from Kecil to kiss or to go from one beach to another, the best is to take a water taxi.