Things to Do

  1. Snorkeling in the Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands have one of the wealthiest seabeds on the planet, and it is an ideal place to admire the formidable sea turtles.

The most critical points for snorkeling in the Perhentian Islands are in Besar and are 4:

The first point is the Turtle Point is located on the beach of PIR (Perhentian Island Resort), one of the best beaches of the Perhentian Islands. It’s so easy to see sea turtles eating in the background here. There is also a platform if you want to rest. The bad thing is the excursions of Asian tourists who come to the beach to see the turtles. For all, the best is to snorkel at this point from 17: 00 when the excursions are over and enjoy the sea turtles without people.

I could write some solid qualifiers about these tourists, but I’ll just say they’re irresponsible. When they see a turtle, they all go like “flies to shit,” harassing the animal with their cameras. I argued with one of them because by taking a selfie with a turtle, he hit him with the stick in the head.

Eye! with the boats arriving at the pier, although the area is delimited, if you get lost, you could have an accident! I don’t even want to imagine what happens to turtles that come out to breathe in that area! We met a couple of Spaniards who told us that the day before, there was a dying turtle with a broken shell on the beach, and nobody did anything, neither did the Malaysians!

Unfortunately, I believe that the inhabitants of the Perhentian Islands are not aware of the Paradise in which they live, so they do not care for their fauna at all. You will also see that some areas of the Perhentian Islands are filthy fil, led with plastic bags, bottles, etc.

Another snorkeling point on the Perhentian Islands is located near Turtle Beach, which for me, is the most beautiful beach on the islands. At one end of this beach, in the corner of Lagoon Beach, a smaller beach of equal beauty, you will find one of the most spectacular seabeds of the Perhentian Islands, where you can admire hundreds of Goldfish.

  1. Volunteering in Turtle Conservation

The large existing green turtle population makes them nest in Besar, the Big Island, at certain times of the year (about 300 per year). From the Malaysian government, efforts are being made in conservation matters, and it is possible to learn a little more about the life and care of this protected species. Ecotours or bubbles Dive resort offers a volunteer program for anyone who wants to help.

  1. Visit the local village

The only nucleus with some infrastructure on the islands is a fishing village, the town where most of the locals live and where there is a pier, a police station, a school, a medical clinic, a mosque, and some restaurants and small local businesses. It is the only place where you will see buildings and serves to know a little better the way of life of these people, who have in the sea their primary means of subsistence. Don’t expect luxuries, cleanliness, or order, but it is their reality and must be respected.

  1. Kayaking

The same businesses that offer snorkeling tours or diving baptism also provide the possibility of renting kayaks for hours with which to explore the crystal clear waters of these islands. It is like moving on a plate of water because of the calmness of its waters, if you go in a good time, of course, and besides, you can access places that are impossible to access on foot. Ideal for going to small coves with difficult access.

  1. Enjoy an unforgettable sunset

The Perhentian sunsets are mythical, so if you’re passionate about them, you can’t miss those orange-colored skies that are drawn every day in these skies. Every day when sunset time approaches, many people go to the best spots to enjoy this spectacle that nature gives us every day. The best place in Kecil, the small island, is Coral bay and on the Big Island, I suppose the beaches to the West.