Best Casinos to Visit When in the Perhentian Islands

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our page where we talk about the beauty of the planet Earth- the Perhentian islands or as they say Malaysia’s crown jewel of islands. The islands have palm-fringed white coral sand beaches and turquoise color blue sea.

They’re called the Perhentian Islands, plural, because there are two of them. Perhentian Besar (literally meaning: Big Perhentian island) and Perhentian Kecil (literally meaning: Small Perhentian island).


The larger Perhentian island, is the more expensive one. It’s known for luxury villas, expensive tastes, fresh honeymooners, wealthier tourists. There’s generally a slightly higher class of services and accommodation at this island and resorts available, but to be honest with you the difference isn’t that noticeable.

The smaller Perhentian island, is a bit more for all of you on a budget. The accommodation and offerings tend to be more affordable for budget backpackers, family gatherings or all of you who do not want to spend more but still enjoy in the same sea.

Each of these Perhentian Island offers a resort that you could die for, history of its own, and not just like any resort out there but a resort on a Perhentian Island gives you a feeling like you are in heaven, the panorama perhentian is like you are the in the story of Adam and Eve, alone and far from the busy and polluted cities and you will not regret even one penny spend!

History of The Perhentian Islands

Now let’s talk a little bit about the history of the Perhentian Islands and what does the word Perhentian island mean; actually the word “Pernhetian” means- stopping point, and this actually isn’t far from the truth. When you arrive at the Pernhetian Island you just want to stop, find quickly a resort and do not move. Ever. Literally.

Each Pernhetian island has a resort on water where you can feel like you are floating in paradise. So if you feel like in a need of relaxation and in a need of spending a little bit and helping the economic crises in these economically poor but most beautiful places on Earth, just hop in the plane, book a ticket to a Perhentian island and enjoy life in the resort you find and like.

Best Malaysian Attractions and Places to Visit

Malaysia is worth every money you spend on her wherever you go in it because it is simply the best. There are plenty of places you can visit and plenty of resorts but I would like to talk about a few.

  1. Kuala Lumpur (mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian influence, so that means you will not have any shortage of cultural experiences)
  2. The Perhentian Islands (the jewel of Malaysia, visit the moonlight chalet because the moonlight chalet will give you what you need)

3.Penang (west coast island protected by UNESCO)

  1. Taman Negara (one of the oldest national parks)
  2. Langkawi (top island destination of Malaysia).

Nightlife and Entertainment in Panorama Chalet Resort

There is a very rich nightlife and entertainment in any resort you go at the Perhentian island but I would like to say a little bit more about the Panorama Chalet Resort. Panorama chalet is located literally on water, it offers great food and a lot of entertaining things to do. This is the best Malaysian resort you can go and actually have fun! It includes many facilities for entertainment, including one of the best casinos on the island. From slots machines to all kinds of casino games, blackjack games, roulette games, slots games, where you win real money in the best casino out there and win many prizes. How better can it get than this? You have the sea on disposal, the food and all the good accommodation from the resort at this Panorama chalet. The only thing left for you is to enjoy your stay there and try your luck on many of the casino games they have.
Online Casinos in Malaysia

Online legal casinos that offer real money and casino bonus through the plethora of casino games such as slots, roulette, blackjack, are a lot, but we would make a list of 10 best online casino sites. Online casino games are fun, you can choose languages (English available) to play with, cool graphic colors, and sounds!

  1. Bodog Casino – deposit bonus 100% up to 600eu
  2. Playamo Casino- deposit bonus up to 300 eu + 150 spins
  3. King Billy Casino – deposit bonus 100% up to 200 eu + 200 spins
  4. Bet365 Casino- deposit bonus 100% up to 100 eu
  5. William Hill Casino- deposit bonus 100% up to 300 eu
  6. Loki Casino- deposit bonus up to 300 eu + 100 spins
  7. 888 Casino- deposit bonus up to 1500eu
  8. Videoslots- deposit bonus up to 200eu _4200 spins
  9. Betway Casino- deposit bonus 100% up to 250 eu
  10. 10bet Casino- deposit bonus 100% up to 100eu +25 spins

Visit the Malaysian beauty, see every resort, travel the Perhentian islands, stay in the Moonlight chalet Perhentian and enjoy life!